Inner Piece

Christopher Moore

“It’s just one plastic bag” said 5 billion people.

In 2020, the number of plastics in the sea will be higher than the number of fish. I created these two images to show how our plastic pollution is impacting our waters and animals and how we can stop it, one bag at a time. *No animals were harmed in the creation of these images.

Art Direction

Kelvin Mui


Kelvin Mui


Stuart McAndrew


Turtle trapped and suffocating in a sea of plastic bags.

You can stop this by simply reusing enviro bags.

The more we reuse, the less plastic bags goes into our waters and animals.


Plastic bags and underwater photography done by Stuart McAndrew at his local beach.

Turtle body parts were sourced from stock imagery. Composited together by me.

Kelvin Mui’s digital art combines photography and digital composite techniques to explore environmental impact we have on our animals and our environment. Also loves snowboarding and travelling.

Kelvin Mui Digital Artist | Retoucher | UX & Web Designer

Growing up on the sunny Central Coast of New South Wales had a great influence on my photography. With a love of the ocean from a young age, it was only natural that I was drawn to surf and landscape photography.

Stuart McAndrew Photographer